New road rules in QLD. Move Over. Slow Down.

Written by Ben Ward

Move Over. Slow Down. 

Did you know that new laws have recently been introduced in Queensland regarding what to do around emergency and assistance vehicles. These include:

  • Queensland Police
  • Queensland Ambulance
  • Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Fire and Rescue Service
  • Rural Fire Service
  • State Emergency Service
  • Transport enforcement Transport and Main Roads compliance vehicles
  • National Heavy Vehicle Regulator compliance vehicles
  • Breakdown assistance providers Tow trucks Roadside assistance, for example RACQ or other vehicles that provide a similar service and are clearly marked.

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Mobile phone rules for Learner Drivers and P Licence holders

Written by Ben Ward

As a young or inexperienced driver you are more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle incident. Due to this elevated risk, the QLD Government has a graduated approach to using mobile phones while driving.

There are some great sites that outline the rules, here is a summary of the relevant information taken for the streetsmart website.

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Do you know your GIVE WAY Rules?

Written by Ben Ward

This recent post we shared from the RACQ has caused a bit of a stir!

The question associated with the post asked "Which car has to Give Way?".  The element tripping everyone up here is the presence of a STOP and a GIVE WAY sign on opposing sides. There is a general (untrue!) belief that a STOP sign is more powerful than a GIVE WAY sign in this situation. The reality is very different! 

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Road Rules - Turning refresher

Written by Ben Ward

For many drivers it has been many years or even decades since they thought about their knowledge of road rules. Here we will run through some of the rules that apply to turning vehicles.

Making turns

Left turns

• If turning left at an intersection, position your vehicle so you are close to the far left side of the road.
• If there is a slip lane, the left turn must be made from the slip lane.

Turning left on a multi-lane road with traffic arrows.
When you turn left at an intersection from a multi-lane road, you must approach and enter the intersection from within the left lane unless:
• there is a slip lane for left turns
• there is an obstruction in the left lane
• road markings allow the turn to be made from another lane

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Reporting requirements for a Medical Condition

Written by Ben Ward

Have you considered the impact that a medical condition may have on your ability to drive safely?

At Rightway, we ask you to self declare any issues that may impact your driving so that our professional team can give you the right advice and tailor your learning process accordingly. 


The extract below outlines the Queensland Reporting requirements for specific conditions. If you have any questions it would be worth contacting Qld Transport to discuss your specific needs. 


Save with our discounted packages.

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Queensland Road Rules - Speed Signs

Written by Ben Ward

It may sound simple enough but understanding road signs is a critical aspect to safe driving.

You can see the full road rules in the transport department publication . 


Do you know the following speed signs and what they mean?




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