Road Rules - Turning refresher

Written by Ben Ward

For many drivers it has been many years or even decades since they thought about their knowledge of road rules. Here we will run through some of the rules that apply to turning vehicles.

Making turns

Left turns

• If turning left at an intersection, position your vehicle so you are close to the far left side of the road.
• If there is a slip lane, the left turn must be made from the slip lane.

Turning left on a multi-lane road with traffic arrows.
When you turn left at an intersection from a multi-lane road, you must approach and enter the intersection from within the left lane unless:
• there is a slip lane for left turns
• there is an obstruction in the left lane
• road markings allow the turn to be made from another lane


Right turns

When turning right into a two-way road, keep left of the centre of the road you enter. If the road is marked with turn lines to show the path to take when turning, follow the turn lines.

When turning right from a one-way street, drive up to the intersection, keeping your vehicle close to the right and parallel to the side of the road.

When turning right from a one-way street, you must make the turn as indicated by the arrows.

Turning from a single lane road into a multi-lane road. You can choose which lane to turn into—unless there are marked turning lines to indicate a particular path. You must give way to vehicles in the lane you’re turning into, or pedestrians crossing the road you’re entering.

Turning right at unmarked intersections

When you turn right from a two-way road at an unmarked intersection, pass to the right of the centre of the intersection unless turn lines indicate differently.
Give way rules apply.

You must only make a U-turn when necessary.

You can make a U-turn if:
• you have a clear view of approaching traffic
• you give way to all traffic and pedestrians including traffic that is facing STOP or GIVE WAY signs
• you can safely make a U-turn without obstructing the free movement of traffic
• there are no signs or road markings prohibiting a U-turn.

Do not make a U-turn at traffic lights unless there is a sign that states you can.


Turning across painted traffic islands

You may drive on or over a painted island surrounded by one continuous line for up to 50m to enter or leave the
road or to enter a turning lane that begins immediately after the painted island.

You must not drive on or over a painted island surrounded by one continuous line if the island is at a merge point and separates vehicles travelling in the same direction or if the island separates parts of a road to create a slip lane.

Source: Your keys to drive in Queensland April -2019 No 18.3

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