Do you know your GIVE WAY Rules?

Written by Ben Ward

This recent post we shared from the RACQ has caused a bit of a stir!

The question associated with the post asked "Which car has to Give Way?".  The element tripping everyone up here is the presence of a STOP and a GIVE WAY sign on opposing sides. There is a general (untrue!) belief that a STOP sign is more powerful than a GIVE WAY sign in this situation. The reality is very different! 

In this case the BLUE car is turning in front of the the YELLOW car. So after both cars have obeyed their respective STOP and GIVE WAY requirements for through traffic, the BLUE car must also let the YELLOW car move through the intersection first.

Here is a great video explaining the various different applications of GIVE WAY requirements.

We hope that helps make things a little more clear. 

If you need some more help remember to ask your instructor during your next lesson.

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