Instructors at Rightway Driving

Driving School Instructor Leearna





Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor, RYDA Presenter

Teaching Areas: Gold Coast

Teaching Experience: 5 Years+

Transmission: Automatic

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Hyundai i30


Before becoming a driving instructor, I drove Limousines and spent a lot of time on the road noticing the general ignorance and how unsafe our driving community can be.

My working history was mainly spent in retail/retail management, so I have a fun, helpful and caring nature and pride myself on the best positive interactions in the car. 

I believe in teaching our younger generations the importance of driving, the risks associated with driving and the basic defensive driving skills we need to improve our road statistics.

 I'm very passionate about my family, my dogs and my students. 


I don't just teach them to pass a test, I teach them to be able to drive anywhere.


 "Life has enough worries in it, so lets make this Fun!!!"


Driving School Instructor Tim


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor

Teaching Areas: Gold Coast

Teaching Experience: more than 12 years

Transmission: Automatic

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Toyota Corolla Ascent 


I started with Rightway at the beginning of 2009. I have a master trainers qualification and am qualified for Keys2Drive government lessons. I am passionate about helping students to enjoy their driving experience. I teach with the belief that with knowledge comes confidence and that confidence leads towards a better, safer driver who will enjoy being on the road. I enjoy watching people progress and improve their skills and change into a better driver , one who feels calm and happy to be out on the road. I was previously a flying instructor in my younger days and enjoy teaching. I like watching motor sport, golf and enjoy outdoor activities such as golf, fishing and riding motorcycles. I also enjoy movies, travel and life in general! 


Driving School Instructor Gary





Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer

Teaching Area: North Gold Coast

Transmission: Auto

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Grey Suzuki Swift

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated with Booster




Hi, my name is Gary
My background is 30 years+ in the painting and decorating field where I have mentored and guided multiple apprentices to achieve their goals of becoming qualified painters and owning their own businesses.  This was achieved by a passion for my painting and tailoring my teaching style to suite the apprentice and as many will tell you, with a whole lot of Scottish humour.

If you want a driving instructor who enjoys a good laugh and who appreciates you as an individual, then book a lesson with me.

When I'm not working, my hobbies range from caravanning to drumming.


Driving School Instructor Derek




Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor

Teaching Areas: Gold Coast (Pimpama to Carrara)

Teaching Experience: 6 years

Transmission: Automatic

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Honda Jazz 2017


Hi I'm Derek...

Prior to becoming a Driving Instructor, I worked for the NRMA Safer Driving School were I was an experienced professional driver and mentor to other drivers in the transport and distribution industry in Sydney.

I also worked as a Courier for 20 years in Sydney CBD. I specialise in dealing with traffic and how to handle other road users in a patient & sensible manner.

My wealth of understanding and knowledge of “Sydney” traffic gave me a great advantage of preparing students for the difficulties of driving in busy city environments.

I am patient, and honest with a good sense of humour which I use to create an easy and stress free approach to driving. I am committed to the learning process of every student and aim to make every lesson suit the client’s needs at the stage they are at.

I hold a Certificate IV Transport & Logistics - Driving instruction.

I am calm, relaxed, patient, honest, & enjoy good conversation!

My interests include Golf, Music (DJ),Travel & spending time with my wife and 3 kids.

I look forward to helping you with your journey to become a safe driver.

I am Keys2drive accredited 

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Derek :-)



Driving School Instructor Jan




Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Master Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor

Teaching Areas: Gold Coast

Teaching Experience: more than 14 years

Transmission: Automatic

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Mazda 3


I qualified as a driving instructor 15years ago, gaining my Certificate IV in Driver Training. Since that time I have been working with Rightway Driving School on the Gold Coast. I am a Master Driver Trainer.

I pride myself for taking the time and patience needed to ensure all my students achieve their licence. More than half my students come from recommendation and referral. I have also taught intellectually disabled students. I work extensively in the areas from Nerang, Robina, Palm Beach and Elanora but can travel outside my usual areas. My vehicle is an automatic Mazda 3.

My background is of Maltese descent and my hobby is working as a DJ doing school discos, weddings and social functions.

I am looking forward to helping you with your journey to become a safe driver.

Driving School Instructor Diana





Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer

Teaching Areas: Gold Coast

Transmission: Automatic

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Volkswagon Golf (European style indicators)


I am delighted to be part of the Rightway Driving School team as it enables me to teach and instil safe driving practices, while delivering this information in a relaxed and enjoyable way. 

Before becoming a driving instructor, I worked in management and Human Resources, implementing and teaching programs to people of all ages and abilities. 

Prior to this I worked in the publishing industry for 10 years, spending many hours driving. I covered a territory from the Gold to the Sunshine Coast, out to the Darling Downs and down to northern NSW. Spending so much time on the road highlighted to me the importance of safe driving.  



Driving School Instructor Karen




Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor

Teaching Area: Northern Gold Coast 

Teaching Experience: 3 years

Transmission: Auto

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Toyota Yaris




I am new on board but not new to Instructing. I am bringing my experience and knowledge I have gained to Rightway.

I have taught all ages and Nationalities in a relax and enjoyable environment.

I have been driving for over 30 years and in this time I have driven both Automatic & Manual cars.

I want to handover my skills and knowledge that I have accomplished over the years to Learner Drivers.

I am passionate about my job, I have good communication skills and a friendly personality, which will keep you at ease behind the wheel, but most of all make sure that my clients are trained safely and on their way to getting their licence. 




Driving School Instructor John





Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer

Teaching Area: Gold Coast - Southern End

Transmission: Auto

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Toyota Corolla Hybrid


Hi, I’m John,

Before becoming a Driving Instructor, I worked as a TV Presenter, Actor and Stand Up Comedy Promoter. In fact, I am still acting; most recently as Coach V in Young Rock Season 2 or my latest adverts, the Dad in the MooGoo Skincare TV Commercial or the man in the Ergon Shocks and Tingles campaign!

Over the years, I have worked with many people from all walks of life and ages which helps me teach anyone to drive safely and pass their test with complete confidence.

I have driven in many countries including Europe and Asia, some with chaotic traffic, which has significantly helped me gain a lot of experience in varied driving conditions to help me on my journey to become a Driving Instructor here on the Gold Coast. I hold a Cert IV Transport & Logistics – Driving instruction and also completed an advance driving course in the UK.

One of my 3 children has Autism which has given me personal insight into how people on the spectrum think and learn, which in turn aids me when teaching anyone with additional needs and fully empathetic to their challenges.
One of my daughters recently passed her test with Rightway Driving School and I take pride in the fact I was part of her 100 hours making her a safe and courteous driver on our roads today.

I am relaxed, calm and patient but also enjoy humour which helps to relax students so they don’t feel anxious and stressed.

When I am not acting, I like to play golf and spend time with my wife and 3 children!

I look forward to helping you become a safe driver!


Driving School Instructor Jackie




Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Licenced Driving Instructor - NSW,  Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor

Teaching Areas: Gold Coast, Northern NSW

Teaching Experience: 4 years +

Transmission: Automatic

Usual Vehicle: White Hyundai Accent


I have been an accredited Driving Instructor since 2017. Prior to that, I have also been an educator, with 8 years experience with children from year 1 through to year 9.

My love of teaching, combined with a passion for driving,  put me on a natural course to become a driving instructor. I enjoy the company of all ages, meeting new people and sharing knowledge in a way that people understand

I am an accredited driving instructor in both QLD and NSW and look forward to helping you on your learning journey.



Driving School Instructor Gemma



Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer

Teaching Area: Gold Coast 

Teaching Experience: more than 9 years

Transmission: Auto

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Red Kia Picanto


My name is Gemma and I qualified as a Driving Instructor in the UK in 2014, where I was teaching driving for over 5 years. After a short break working as a Personal Trainer in Adelaide in 2018 when I moved to Australia, I am now back to doing what I love the most which is teaching people to drive here on the Gold Coast!!

Over the years, I have taught hundreds of people to drive ranging in ages from 16 to 65 from many different walks of life. Everyone learns at their own pace, and in their own way. I have acquired many different teaching techniques and tools over the years to be able to tailor every lesson to the individual needs of each learner. What you will get from me is down to earth, straight talking tuition. I will encourage you to push yourself if I think you can do better, but never force you way beyond your comfort zone. Your lessons will be all about you and your preferred learning style!

I like my lessons to be relaxed and fun at the same time, and ensure to have a laugh along the way. What you will get from me as a trainer goes far beyond just exam success, I aim to provide you with the tools to become a safe, confident driver for life.

One of the things I love the most about my job is when I see one of my students transition from a nervous and shy driver, to a confident and safe one.

I like to encourage students to book 1.5hr and 2hr lessons where possible.


Driving School Instructor David




Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer

Teaching Areas: Gold Coast

Teaching Experience: more than 20 years

Transmission: Automatic

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Hyundai Elantra



David is an experienced Driver Trainer who is passionate about sharing his knowledge and helping  his students reach the necessary skill level to become a safe driver.

David has great sense of humour and will help you feel relaxed while you learn to drive.

Driving School Instructor Sharon



Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor

Teaching Areas: Gold Coast

Transmission: Automatic

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Silver Kia Rio 


Sharon has a patient and supportive approach to her teaching. She has successfully trained students from all backgrounds, experience levels and learning difficulties. Sharon forms long lasting, productive relationships with her students which is supported by the consistent excellent feedback she receives.


Driving School Instructor Raj




Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Master Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor, RYDA presenter

Teaching Areas: Gold Coast

Teaching Experience: more than 12 years

Transmission: Automatic

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Toyota Yaris


Raj is a highly regarded member of the Rightway Instructor team. He brings a steady paternal influence to his lessons with the same caring attitude he has for his own children when learning to drive.  He is accredited as an Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Master Driver Trainer,  Keys2Drive Instructor and has previously played professional cricket in England. He also holds a Law degree as well as honours in English Literature.

Driving School Instructor Naomi





Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer

Teaching Area: Gold Coast 

Transmission: Manual

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Kia Rio


I am a friendly, patient and kind person, who enjoys being able to help others. Especially when it comes to achieving personal goals. I strive to provide an all-inclusive, safe space for all young, mature and returning drivers. 

I was born and bred on the Gold Coast and have enjoyed growing up here. I look forward to being able to teach students in my local area and pass on the knowledge I have collected over my many years of roaming these streets. Look forward to meeting you and teaching you all the skills involved for safe driving for life.  


Driving School Instructor James




Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor

Teaching Area: Gold Coast - Northern End

Transmission: Auto

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Suzuki Swift

For 7 years, I owned and operated my own small, busy driving school based in Arundel.

Being a full-time professional driving instructor, I felt by joining Rightway, I could leave the business side to their office and concentrate on providing quality, enjoyable lessons which will give the most value to my students.

I enjoy driving both my car and motorcycle, and through my experience providing thousands of lessons, I have gained knowledge and techniques to pass on my love of driving.

Building your confidence and skills to become the safe, calm driver we all want in our community is my goal.

Whether you have never driven before and are looking for the confidence to start driving, feel ready to prepare for your driving test, or anywhere in between, I would love to help you on your journey.

Outside of work I love spending time with my wife and kids, walking our dogs and working in the garden.

Get to know James:

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Driving School Instructor Chris





Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Keys2Drive Accredited Instructor

Teaching Area: Gold Coast - Southern End

Transmission: Manual

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Grey Suzuki Swift



#TeamChris and his team of Champions


Friendly, experienced and fun



Check out the cleaning routine used by Chris in his vehicle.

Hi I'm Chris.

I have been involved in the road transport industry for over 20 years. I have spent a lot of time on the roads driving trucks, and in the office doing compliance, safety and operations. I have returned to the Gold Coast, after spending 2 years in W.A as trainer/assessor in the mining industry, training quad road train operators. 

I have a relaxed easy going personality. I enjoy music, movies, travel and motor sport.  

Let me help you to stay safe on the road by sharing my experience. 



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Driving School Instructor Nick



Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer. Bringing fun to driving, making you safe and risk aware in a friendly and relaxed approach.

Vehicle: Hyundai i30 -- Black

Teaching Areas: Gold Coast

Transmission: Automatic


Hi, my name is Nick.

Originally from the UK, my background is in IT as a Business Consultant. I helped clients to understand how technology could shape their business; I've mentored architects and developers, and guided students on to new careers.

Having spent a lot of hours helping my twin boys achieve their P plates, I decided to embark on a total career change and became a qualified Driving Instructor.

I like to keep things simple and relaxed - driving should be about having fun. I help you to understand what it takes to be a safe and risk-aware driver for the future lifetime of your driving experience.

I treat each new driver as an individual, I definitely don't try and label you - I look to personalise plans to help you respond positively to any challenges on our roads.

I am happy to work with people that may need a little more patience and perhaps a different way to learn to become a safe driver for life.

I enjoy working with people and exercising my passion in helping others to achieve their goals. 

Driving School Instructor Ben




Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor, RYDA Presenter, Rightway Event Presenter

Teaching Areas: Central Gold Coast 

Teaching Experience: more than 10 years

Transmission: Automatic

Usual Lesson Vehicle:  Toyota Corolla Hybrid  (looks pretty impressive too)



Ben is one our most requested instructors with a wealth of experience.

Ben's calm and patient nature alongside his professionalism gets him rave reviews.

Highly experienced with anxious drivers. Ben has the ability to relate to any student and put their mind at ease and ready to learn. Dedicated to teaching students safe driving skills for life; adapting to each student's learning style each and every time.

Ben's attention to detail is second to none and gets his students the knowledge and skills not only to pass their test but also brings out their confidence as a driver to carry on through life. Highly recommended by all his students.  



Ben presenting at the 2022 Grand Motors Toyota Parents and L&P Plater evening


Driving School Instructor Richard



Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer

Teaching Areas: Gold Coast

Transmission: Manual

Teaching Experience: 5+ Years

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Mazda 2 Sedan - White


Richard is also available to conduct lessons in Italian.

Richard brings his caring and supportive teaching style to his role as a Driving Instructor. Richard ensures that his students feel supported and comfortable during their learning process and he always has fantastic feedback from his students.


Driving School Instructor Alan






Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor, RYDA presenter, Corporate driver trainer

Teaching Area: Gold Coast North 

Teaching Experience: more than 10 years

Transmission: Manual

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Hyundai i30 N line


Alan is a very experienced instructor holding a CertIV QLD Driver Trainers accreditation. He is also an accredited Keys2Drive instructor. In addition to the learner driver training Alan is also qualified in Advanced Driver Training for both cars and 4WD's.

Alan is extremely passionate, a strong communicator, adapting his advanced driver training teaching methods to suit each individual student.

His background and experience allows his students to benefit from his deep understanding of road safety and the attitudes that are required to be a life long safe driver, regardless of driving conditions, distractions and personal challenges.

Alan is also a senior RYDA Presenters


Driving School Administrator Join our team

Join our team

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Driving Instructors have the opportunity to make a lifelong impact on students and their families. Being an integral part of a student's development from their first lesson to their positive test result is an amazingly fulfilling experience.


Promoting Safe Driving Skills

Our motto is "Safe Driving, For Life" - we don't just say it, we all live it. Being part of a team that has shared values helps build your professional network. Our team regularly share learnings, ideas and observations to help everyone deliver a great outcome for everyone's students. 


Run your own business and work your own hours

Ultimately you are your own boss. Live the dream! You choose your own work hours and we look after all of your marketing, sales, client contact and administration. 


Supportive work environment

We talk a lot about values. We operate with a mutual respect which encourages a positive and productive work environment which let's you get on with delivering quality driving services knowing that we have your back.



Dedicated Customer Service Team

Our Gold Coast based Customer Service team provide brand specific support to our instructors. We handle all of your customer payments, marketing, social media, customer enquiries, customer emails, phone calls, messaging, sms reminders and more!

We focus on that so you can focus on delivering a quality experience for your student.


Fortnightly Payments

When you run your own business managing cash flow can be one of the biggest issues. Our instructor administration service  gives you a regular fortnightly income and the planning tools to budget and forecast your future income. 

We handle all of your customer payments, payment gateways, online security and database management so that you can focus delivering a quality experience to your customer.



Approachable Management

We are not perfect - no one is!
However, we work openly with instructors to ensure that everything we do meets our collective expectations and we always look for improvements.

Our Customer Service team is led by a dedicated Operations Manager. Our Instructors are supported by a dedicated General Manager. Both roles are supported by the business owner as required. All senior support is available to help resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.


Customer Generation

Our instructors enjoy a steady stream of new customers which are generated by an extensive and focussed digital marketing process. Additionally, the Customer Service team work with your students to book in lessons and tests. We also do outbound calls to customers with existing vouchers to help fill your diary.

Can you imagine working all day and then having to do this at night! We take that drama away from you and let you focus on delivering quality lessons.



Industry Training

We have a great understanding of how to get your qualifications to become an instructor. Our approach is simple: if you are starting a new career, you should give yourself the best training so that you have the greatest chance of success. We can step you through the options and support you through the process. Talk to us before you sign up for training!


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